The Game Resilience in supply chain management

We are Set, a young supply chain expert company. We develop the future leaders in supply chain, by offering a traineeship to graduated talents and sourcing the best talents for our customers. We do this by following our four values:

  • Exceeding client expectations
  • Multiplying knowledge
  • Exercising self-leadership
  • Demonstrating commitment

2022 has proven to be a turbulent year. So we decided to share our knowledge on supply chain resilience in a fun way. That’s why we’ve developed this game. Play it with your colleagues, fellow students or befriended industry peers to find out how to become a resilient supply chain professional.

Information for furter listening or reading about resilience



  • Zion – Netflix
    The 11 minute short film tells the story of Zion Clark, born without legs and raised without his parents. Adaptability, perseverance, setbacks and success are central to chasing his dream to be a professional wrestling athlete.


  • The Resilience of Nokia – Risto Siilasmaa
  • Veerkracht: gezonder leven, beter preseteren – Paul Donders
  • The Resilient Enterprise – Yossi Sheffi

Source List

We have created the Supply Chain Resilience Game after reading below articles, mixing that with our own experience and creativity resulted in this versatile deck of cards.


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